Keep your golf clubs and grips clean to get the very best of them

It is a no-brainer that any golfer should maintain a clean set of grips and clubs. Keeping your golf accessories signifies a golfer at the top of his game and also helps you play the game with lots of motivation and pretty organised manner. Moreover, removing dirt increases the surface area of the head that comes into contact with the ball which has an impact on the spin and the control you will have on the ball. You have the option of having cleaning services do the work for you or clean your golfing gear at home.

There are a number of options available when it comes to cleaning your gear ranging from a bucket of soapy water to cleaning devices that look like vending machines and found in many driving ranges.

The good old cleaning method should include a mild cleaning detergent and some warm soapy water. Do not dip the ferrules into the water. Hot water may lose up the ferrules that join the heads with the shafts.

Warm water will dislodge the grass stains as well as dirt off the heads. You can then clean the club with the use of a nylon brush, old toothbrush or a sharp tee peg to dislodge any mud before rinsing them with clean water.

What about forged iron?

If your clubs are made of forged iron consider using a soft nylon brush when cleaning. Some forged iron clubs show signs of rust where the carbon steel has been exposed from the chipping of their chrome plating. Such heads should be cleaned using WD-40 and the soft nylon brush and then wiped clean using dry clothing.

As for the putter, driver and fairway, use a soft, moist cloth to clean them up. Submerging them in water is most likely going to damage them. Moreover, ensure that they are thoroughly dried before storing. The grips should be cleaned in the same manner, but you can wet the clothing for a better scrub and use running water to rinse them.  The golf ball can be submerged in warm water and then cleaned with a tee peg.

You do not have to clean the clubs every time you are out in the field. However, you can wipe away the dirt and stain collected in the course of the game. This should take you a few minutes and keeps your clubs clean until such a time you will have a thorough cleaning of all your clubs.