Is Hiring an End of Cleaning Service Worth it?

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If you are moving out of your current lease, and cash is short, you might find it contemplating using professional end of tenancy cleaning service. The DIY approach might seem an attractive idea as you can avoid the bills and use the money for settling in the new price. However, making this consideration on the basis of avoiding end of tenancy cleaning services might end up costing you more in the end. This is because a DIY end of tenancy cleaning job is very likely to come out wrong, prompting the landlord to hold your tenancy deposit. So it worth hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service?

Time advantages

While it is important to consider end of tenancy cleaning prices, it is important to consider the time element in your moving. If you are expected to move to a new job, for example, and delay doing so, it would have disastrous consequences. Or if you have to attend a function of the weekend which you can’t miss.  Some engagements are more valuable than what you would save.

Convenience advantage

There is the advantage of convenience in using professional cleaners. If you have to move to a different city, it will make little sense to come back to the old place to clean up. It is more convenient to engage a cleaning company online, have them clean, organise inspection with the landlord and eventually your tenancy deposit.

Cost advantages

While end of tenancy cleaning prices may seem unaffordable, the cost you would use to buy cleaning material and the time used on the job will come to nearly the same cost. There is also the risk of having to repeat the job, which would mean more money and time on the job. You will also have to spend time moving up and down purchasing the needed cleaning materials. All this hassle does not seem much with the few pounds saved in the DIY approach.

Risk avoidance

End of tenancy cleaning service means working on the house from top to bottom. This comes with risks including falling from heights, and back strains from lifting heavy objects. Working with harsh cleaning chemicals can also burn your hands as well as bring on respiratory complications. This is certainly more costly than the end of cleaning prices you are avoiding.

If the money to hire a professional end of cleaning service is available, this is surely the better option than doing it DIY. It is convenient and has a higher guarantee of getting your tenancy deposit in time.