9 Golf Etiquette Tips for a Beginner

It is common these days to hear veteran golfers bemoaning the lack of manners and etiquette in what has long been known as the Gentleman’s game. Most beginners will usually get guidance on etiquette by word of mouth from more experienced players. While passes down etiquette tips and golf knowledge, the basics are gradually wearing away. What are some of the basic etiquette tips for a golf beginner?

Show up on time

Most games are pre-arranged. This means the other player takes the effort to make time and turn up. Ensure that you turn up for a golf date, and cancel only if it is absolutely necessary, and then do so at least 1 day before the game.

In almost all golf courses players are required to turn up 15 minutes before the game starts.  30 minutes are more preferable. Avoid turning up late as this puts the tee sheet at the risk of delay.

Practice balls

Crowding out the other players on the green with numerous practice balls is plain rude. Have 2-3 balls when practicing with other players.

Tracking the ball

Mixing up a ball is highly irritating, erroneous and interruptive to a game. In a tournament, you will lose the whole. In stroke play, this incurs a two-stroke penalty and a repetition for the previous correct ball. The alternative is playing the ball in a hazard or lost ball rules. It is advisable to mark your ball with an indelible market so that you can easily identify it in the vegetation.

Marking the ball on the green

If you need to pick up your ball from the green, you have to place a marker first. The correct way to place the marker is behind the position of the ball, and not to the side or front.

Searching for a lost ball

You can’t keep losing golf balls as it will take a toll on your wallet. On the other hand, delaying a game by more than 5 minutes to look for your golf ball dampers the game. Take the loss gracefully.

Picking up the flagstick

The first player to finish out should grab the pin. This will spare the last player to finish the agony of heading back to pick the pin.

Walking across the green

While it is not banned, do not drag your golf cart on the green. It makes an imprint. If you need to drag your bag along, keep to the fringes.

Play times

While being a slow player is understandable when you are a beginner, but as you progress, evaluate your game-play and try to keep up.