9 Must-have Items for Your Golf Bag

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It is easy for golf beginners to think that all you need on the golf course is a golf-bag with the needed golf clubs and tees. Indeed, more experienced golf players know that a few more items to have a good game and maintain some creature comforts while on the course. What are the essentials that should not miss in your golf bag?


A good pair of gloves is essential to having a good grip on a golf club. Almost all golf players use golf gloves, but it is surprising how many players misplace their gloves off the course. Always have an extra pair in the bag.

Golfer’s tape

Sometimes the weather is too hot for gloves. Golfer’s tape is the best alternative. It is easy to put on, lightweight not to affect your strike, and will tear off easily if you need to shake hands.


It is awkward running out of tees in the middle of a game. Get a pack of 200 tees for as little as $10. You can go for wooden tees that are better for the golf course as they will rot away.  Carry the tees in a plastic bag for easy reach.

Divot fixer

If you need to put your divots back into place, it is better to clean them up before doing so. Cary a divot fixer to do this easily. A sand-seed mixture bottle is ideal for the job.

Sun protection

It takes more than the beloved golf visor cup to protect you from the sun in a long a game.  In addition to dehydration from all that walking, your skin will also take a lot of beating.  There is also the dreaded collar tan that shows as the neck is uncovered. Your eyes will also suffer from sun glare.

Wear sunglasses with UVA, UVB, and UVC filters. Carry sunblock with good UPF ratings for skin protection. You can keep away the collar tan by wearing a bandanna. Do not forget the visor cap.

Change of clothes

You will need an extra polo short in case the sun gets too hot and the one you are wearing becomes too sticky with sweat. An extra pair of socks also comes in handy when the current pair becomes too hot or slidy with sweat.

Bug spray

Protect yourself from bugs hiding in the vegetation with a good quality bug spray.

Business cards

A game of golf usually brings together people you would want to network with. Carry some business cards to exchange a few contacts.

First aid kit

Have this on your golf cart for any eventualities.