Cheapest Places to Find Rooms to Rent in Birmingham

2017 was a busy year for the rental market as it surpassed the house buying sector for the very first time since the early 1930s. The increased demand for rooms to rent in Birmingham is partly to blame. As a result, the monthly rent for most rooms to rent in Birmingham has soared a bit, but you can still snag a deal in the following four places in and around the City of Thousand Trades.

#1. Castle Vale

Right from the outset, Castle Vale is hands down the cheapest place to find rooms to rent in Birmingham. Geographically, it is a housing estate neighbourhood nestled strategically between Minworth, Erdington, and Castle Bromwich. As part and parcel of Tyburn Ward, you can expect to shell out an average of £441 per month for rent in this area.

Interestingly, Castle Vale became the postcard example in the 1970s of how estates to ease overcrowding in Birmingham after the war failed. As such, the area saw mushrooming of new and regenerated housing estates throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Despite these efforts, however, the Castle Vale region still features some of the cheapest rooms to rent in Birmingham.

#2. Handsworth

Chiming at the second position for the most affordable places to score rooms to rent in Birmingham is Handsworth, a housing estate/neighbourhood that lies on the northwest outskirt of the city centre. The area encapsulated the East Handsworth and Lozells wards. As one of the oldest regions in the city, Handsworth features a blend of architectural styles, including some of the best Victorian-style buildings in Birmingham.

Even so, you can find rooms to rent in this part of Birmingham for an average of £539 per month. Perhaps because the area is highly populated, with about 31,000 people in it.

#3. Winson Green

Located to the west of the city, Winson Green is an inner-city area in the ward of Soho. It has featured prominently in Channel 4’ Benefits Street. True to that, most job-seekers on allowance call Winson Green home.

Besides, City Hospital and HMS Prison Birmingham are found in this area. Intriguingly, the house prices in the neighbourhood have soared from £22,000 in 1995 to about £95,000 today, but the cost of renting a room has remained relatively inexpensive at £541 pcm for a two-bedroom terraced house.

#4. Nechells

A ward with a population of about 34,000, Nechells is yet another place you can expect to find cheap rooms to rent Birmingham. Perhaps it’s because the area is notorious for high crime rate, poverty, and rampant unemployment. However, despite a slew of urban regeneration efforts, you can still get a 3-bedroom end terraced house for an average of £590 per calendar month.

Keep your golf clubs and grips clean to get the very best of them

It is a no-brainer that any golfer should maintain a clean set of grips and clubs. Keeping your golf accessories signifies a golfer at the top of his game and also helps you play the game with lots of motivation and pretty organised manner. Moreover, removing dirt increases the surface area of the head that comes into contact with the ball which has an impact on the spin and the control you will have on the ball. You have the option of having cleaning services do the work for you or clean your golfing gear at home.

There are a number of options available when it comes to cleaning your gear ranging from a bucket of soapy water to cleaning devices that look like vending machines and found in many driving ranges.

The good old cleaning method should include a mild cleaning detergent and some warm soapy water. Do not dip the ferrules into the water. Hot water may lose up the ferrules that join the heads with the shafts.

Warm water will dislodge the grass stains as well as dirt off the heads. You can then clean the club with the use of a nylon brush, old toothbrush or a sharp tee peg to dislodge any mud before rinsing them with clean water.

What about forged iron?

If your clubs are made of forged iron consider using a soft nylon brush when cleaning. Some forged iron clubs show signs of rust where the carbon steel has been exposed from the chipping of their chrome plating. Such heads should be cleaned using WD-40 and the soft nylon brush and then wiped clean using dry clothing.

As for the putter, driver and fairway, use a soft, moist cloth to clean them up. Submerging them in water is most likely going to damage them. Moreover, ensure that they are thoroughly dried before storing. The grips should be cleaned in the same manner, but you can wet the clothing for a better scrub and use running water to rinse them.  The golf ball can be submerged in warm water and then cleaned with a tee peg.

You do not have to clean the clubs every time you are out in the field. However, you can wipe away the dirt and stain collected in the course of the game. This should take you a few minutes and keeps your clubs clean until such a time you will have a thorough cleaning of all your clubs.

Is Hiring an End of Cleaning Service Worth it?

If you are moving out of your current lease, and cash is short, you might find it contemplating using professional end of tenancy cleaning service. The DIY approach might seem an attractive idea as you can avoid the bills and use the money for settling in the new price. However, making this consideration on the basis of avoiding end of tenancy cleaning services might end up costing you more in the end. This is because a DIY end of tenancy cleaning job is very likely to come out wrong, prompting the landlord to hold your tenancy deposit. So it worth hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service?

Time advantages

While it is important to consider end of tenancy cleaning prices, it is important to consider the time element in your moving. If you are expected to move to a new job, for example, and delay doing so, it would have disastrous consequences. Or if you have to attend a function of the weekend which you can’t miss.  Some engagements are more valuable than what you would save.

Convenience advantage

There is the advantage of convenience in using professional cleaners. If you have to move to a different city, it will make little sense to come back to the old place to clean up. It is more convenient to engage a cleaning company online, have them clean, organise inspection with the landlord and eventually your tenancy deposit.

Cost advantages

While end of tenancy cleaning prices may seem unaffordable, the cost you would use to buy cleaning material and the time used on the job will come to nearly the same cost. There is also the risk of having to repeat the job, which would mean more money and time on the job. You will also have to spend time moving up and down purchasing the needed cleaning materials. All this hassle does not seem much with the few pounds saved in the DIY approach.

Risk avoidance

End of tenancy cleaning service means working on the house from top to bottom. This comes with risks including falling from heights, and back strains from lifting heavy objects. Working with harsh cleaning chemicals can also burn your hands as well as bring on respiratory complications. This is certainly more costly than the end of cleaning prices you are avoiding.

If the money to hire a professional end of cleaning service is available, this is surely the better option than doing it DIY. It is convenient and has a higher guarantee of getting your tenancy deposit in time.

End of Tenancy Cleaning North London

When the time comes for you to move out of the house or office, it is important that you consider out of tenancy cleaning to leave the house as good as you found it. Most North London lease agreements do not have the clause, but you are still expected to leave the place clean for the next tenant. In the course of your stay, you are likely to have accumulated lots of items that you do not need including furniture, old appliances and clothing that you need to get rid of.  In addition, there are those hard to clean areas that get dirty over time and require some scrubbing.

Get professional assistance

Consider getting the professional End of tenancy cleaning North London to handle your cleaning needs. You may do it yourself but might not be as thorough as a professional cleaning company. The company has the tools and skills to deal with the toughest of the stains.

 Empty your stuff before the cleaning starts

Cleaning is easier when done is done in an empty house. The cleaners do not have to worry about wetting your clothing or other upholstery. Therefore, they are going to do some good scrubbing of the floor and cleaning of the walls. Call the cleaning company after you have moved out.

Do the inspection together with the landlord or his agent          

Ensure that the landlord or his representative is present when you inspect the cleaning that has been done. This ensures that you are on the same page when you discharge the cleaning company. The landlord may also point out certain areas that need reworking that you may not have noticed.

Moreover, it is also a good time to have the landlord inspect the fixtures in order to release you from the obligation of the lease. Doing the inspection together is a chance to let him know what may have occurred to cause the damage of the fixture.

Ensure that everything has been wiped down

Ensure that all the surfaces are wiped down including countertops, cabinet tops, door knobs, inside doors and cupboards, bathroom fixtures and the outside of the bathtub. Moreover check the shelves, underneath tables and chairs. If the apartment has a carpet, hire a professional carpet cleaner beforehand to clean it up and install it back after the rest of the cleaning has been done.

Finally, run your eyes in and out the house. Use your smell too. The house should look attractive and smell nice too.

9 Must-have Items for Your Golf Bag

It is easy for golf beginners to think that all you need on the golf course is a golf-bag with the needed golf clubs and tees. Indeed, more experienced golf players know that a few more items to have a good game and maintain some creature comforts while on the course. What are the essentials that should not miss in your golf bag?


A good pair of gloves is essential to having a good grip on a golf club. Almost all golf players use golf gloves, but it is surprising how many players misplace their gloves off the course. Always have an extra pair in the bag.

Golfer’s tape

Sometimes the weather is too hot for gloves. Golfer’s tape is the best alternative. It is easy to put on, lightweight not to affect your strike, and will tear off easily if you need to shake hands.


It is awkward running out of tees in the middle of a game. Get a pack of 200 tees for as little as $10. You can go for wooden tees that are better for the golf course as they will rot away.  Carry the tees in a plastic bag for easy reach.

Divot fixer

If you need to put your divots back into place, it is better to clean them up before doing so. Cary a divot fixer to do this easily. A sand-seed mixture bottle is ideal for the job.

Sun protection

It takes more than the beloved golf visor cup to protect you from the sun in a long a game.  In addition to dehydration from all that walking, your skin will also take a lot of beating.  There is also the dreaded collar tan that shows as the neck is uncovered. Your eyes will also suffer from sun glare.

Wear sunglasses with UVA, UVB, and UVC filters. Carry sunblock with good UPF ratings for skin protection. You can keep away the collar tan by wearing a bandanna. Do not forget the visor cap.

Change of clothes

You will need an extra polo short in case the sun gets too hot and the one you are wearing becomes too sticky with sweat. An extra pair of socks also comes in handy when the current pair becomes too hot or slidy with sweat.

Bug spray

Protect yourself from bugs hiding in the vegetation with a good quality bug spray.

Business cards

A game of golf usually brings together people you would want to network with. Carry some business cards to exchange a few contacts.

First aid kit

Have this on your golf cart for any eventualities.

9 Golf Etiquette Tips for a Beginner

It is common these days to hear veteran golfers bemoaning the lack of manners and etiquette in what has long been known as the Gentleman’s game. Most beginners will usually get guidance on etiquette by word of mouth from more experienced players. While passes down etiquette tips and golf knowledge, the basics are gradually wearing away. What are some of the basic etiquette tips for a golf beginner?

Show up on time

Most games are pre-arranged. This means the other player takes the effort to make time and turn up. Ensure that you turn up for a golf date, and cancel only if it is absolutely necessary, and then do so at least 1 day before the game.

In almost all golf courses players are required to turn up 15 minutes before the game starts.  30 minutes are more preferable. Avoid turning up late as this puts the tee sheet at the risk of delay.

Practice balls

Crowding out the other players on the green with numerous practice balls is plain rude. Have 2-3 balls when practicing with other players.

Tracking the ball

Mixing up a ball is highly irritating, erroneous and interruptive to a game. In a tournament, you will lose the whole. In stroke play, this incurs a two-stroke penalty and a repetition for the previous correct ball. The alternative is playing the ball in a hazard or lost ball rules. It is advisable to mark your ball with an indelible market so that you can easily identify it in the vegetation.

Marking the ball on the green

If you need to pick up your ball from the green, you have to place a marker first. The correct way to place the marker is behind the position of the ball, and not to the side or front.

Searching for a lost ball

You can’t keep losing golf balls as it will take a toll on your wallet. On the other hand, delaying a game by more than 5 minutes to look for your golf ball dampers the game. Take the loss gracefully.

Picking up the flagstick

The first player to finish out should grab the pin. This will spare the last player to finish the agony of heading back to pick the pin.

Walking across the green

While it is not banned, do not drag your golf cart on the green. It makes an imprint. If you need to drag your bag along, keep to the fringes.

Play times

While being a slow player is understandable when you are a beginner, but as you progress, evaluate your game-play and try to keep up.